Costa Rica Aquiares

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Baked apple, cardamom and brown sugar

Roast: Light
Process: Anaerobic Washed
Origin: Turrialba, Costa Rica
Varietals: Centroamericano
Altitude: 1,070 - 1,175 masl

As the largest Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee farm in Costa Rica, Aquiares devotes 80% of its land to growing high quality coffee and the remaining 20% to conservation. Coffee plots are interlaced with over a dozen natural springs and almost 20 kilometers in streams. Through the farm, a network of natural corridors are formed from these natural springs which connect the large protected forests. Because of this a healthy environment for the local plants, animals, and birds is then created in the two river valleys. The coffee farm provides services, land, security, and honest jobs for the community at Aquiares. In return, the farm benefits from the well-educated and highly skilled professionals of the community. Such a level of interdependence has helped contribute to the sense of pride that Aquiareños take in both their community and the coffee.

After 5 years of experimenting with anaerobic fermentation, Aquiares has reflected on what they've learned and created from the anaerobic washed process. Using a 7,000-liter tank they ferment the de-pulped cherries for 3 days. Following the fermentation process, the coffee is then washed and finished off by being sent to mechanical slow drying.