Guatemala Entre Rios Decaf - Swiss Water Process

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Entre Rios

Bordering Mexico to the west and Huehuetenango to the north, San Marcos is remote— it can take 8-12 hours to reach coffee farms from Guatemala City, up and down mountain roads. It’s not only the warmest growing region in Guatemala, it’s also often the rainiest — seasonal rains come early and often, creating earlier blossoms. Along with climate conditions rich volcanic soils make for a distinct profile: San Marcos coffees often present with characteristic acidity, with consistent and well-defined body.

At first Entre Rios had 18 members, but that quickly grew to 25 and then 33 member families. The association is represented by Cipriano, a genial and hardworking producer who also works hard to represent the other families of Entre Rios, in addition to being on the board of Anacafe.

Entre Rios produces a total of 1060 quintales parchment annually. Coffees are dried on patios for 7-10 days, and fermented in tanks for 24-36 hours. Individual smallholder farms grow primarily Bourbon, but also a mix of sustainable varieties encouraged by Anacafe, which produce very well in this climate: Anacafe 14, Sarchimor, and Catimor. Lots are shaded by avocado, banana, Chalum and Tepemiste trees.